Tom Johnson

World class service!!! My daughter is a MSU student while I am 2,300 miles away due to my military obligation. She called me because her car was acting up, stalling on several occasions and the check engine light finally came on. I’m not a Montana native, relied on “Google” to locate the best possible mechanic or shop in Bozeman. Foster’s Master Tech was the first that popped up and I immediately called and spoke with Mr. Foster himself. Mr. Foster was very respectful, knowledgeable and accommodating to my daughter’s need. She dropped her car off at 9:00 and pick it up that same afternoon with little to no cost. The Foster professionals test drove and hook up the diagnostic machine and quickly isolated the problem. Overall, we were extremely pleased with their honesty and quick service. A special thanks to Mr. Foster and his professionals for giving me, a father far away, a safe and quiet ‘piece of mind” that my daughter is taken care off. God bless America for good and honest people!!!